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Fireplace Modifications

Updating your fireplace and making room for your stove...
Enlarging an Existing Fireplace  



Whether your fireplace was originally designed for an open fire, gas fire (with or without a back-boiler) or an electrical appliance, it is almost certain that to accommodate a stove, the dimensions have to be increased and a larger chamber will need to be created.

The Building Work


It takes 1-2 days to remove the old hearth, surround and rubble usually found in fireplaces, as we start to shape the chamber and see by what degree we can increase the chamber volume. There are regulatory minimums for clearance in relation to the stove but also the aesthetic aspect must be included in planning, so that we can achieve the desired finish with good proportions and minimal protrusion into the room unless a particularly large hearth has been requested. Height is critical and we will fit a new reinforced lintel for support, once height has been decided upon.

The Finish

Once the final shape is achieved, the footprint of the hearth can be calculated. The chamber is now ready to be cement-rendered on the inside and plastered on the outside to blend with the exisitng plaster.  We can now lay the natural stone hearth that has been specified by the customer, and with this done, the stove and flue system can be installed. You can also see an installation with no existing fireplace and we constructed a twin-wall external flue system as shown.

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